Winter 2020

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Calgary Captured: Year One Results

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Our preliminary findings report on urban wildlife data collected on camera-traps from May 2017 to 2018.

The Calgary Captured program monitors wildlife with camera-traps across multiple years through remote cameras placed in natural environment parks and ecological corridors. Thanks to our citizen scientists, who have classified wildlife images to species through our Zooniverse site, we are excited to report on our findings from the first year of data. View the highlights here! Also available is a full technical report, and species activity rate maps. Note that these are preliminary findings; we expect to report on updated findings and trends with three full years of data next year. Stay tuned!

As well, we recently launched a new season of images to Zooniverse! Check it out while social-distancing to learn more about urban wildlife and help us gather the information needed to inform wildlife management in Calgary.

Thank you to project partners: City of Calgary, Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society, Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society and Alberta Parks. As well, Thank you to Alberta Ecotrust, The Calgary Foundation and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for their generous support of Calgary Captured.