Winter 2022

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Where do Pronghorn Cross the TransCanada Highway?

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Pronghorn Xing is a citizen science monitoring program that enabled the public to report pronghorn observations along roads in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We used Pronghorn Xing data to help inform an analysis of where pronghorn are crossing the TransCanada Highway (TCH). We compared Pronghorn Xing observations with a pronghorn connectivity model, and Alberta Wildlife Watch animal carcass data along TCH. We found four key areas where road mitigation (such as overpasses, fencing and jump-outs) would help pronghorn safely cross the TCH in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We are grateful to all individuals whom contributed data though Pronghorn Xing, and although we are no longer collecting information, the program has been rebranded to Wildlife Xing and is active in Montana. Special thanks to National Fish and Wildlife Federation, Alberta Conservation Association and National Wildlife Federation for support.

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