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As we embark on 2023 it is always good to start a new year with fresh goals, and what better goals to have then those outlined in the recently adopted Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, resulting from CoP-15. Miistakis is committed to doing our part to support the goals and targets outlined in this encouraging global strategic plan for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

Two of the twenty-three targets outlined in the framework emphasize the importance of nature-based solutions. Nature-based solutions refer to the use of natural systems, such as wetlands and forests, to address environmental challenges such as climate change, flooding, and biodiversity loss. These solutions are considered important because they can provide multiple benefits, such as reducing the impact of natural disasters, improving water and air quality, and promoting biodiversity. Additionally, nature-based solutions are often more cost-effective and sustainable than traditional, man-made infrastructure. They are also known to have positive effects on human well-being, including reducing stress and promoting physical activity.

Much of our work at Miistakis is focused on supporting nature-based solutions and over the next year we will continue to demonstrate the importance of nature-based solutions through our ongoing work to promote coexistence with beavers, identify and prioritize wetlands for conservation and work with municipalities to delineate ecological networks.

Lastly, with this new year brings a new Miistakis staff member. We are thrilled to introduce Nilo Sinnatamby who recently joined us as our Manager of Conservation Research. Read about our newest team member! Welcome Nilo!!!!

All the best for 2023 everyone.